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Character Education

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Character Education

Character Education

Steyning Grammar School wants ‘Every Person To Be The Best They Can Be’.  Student results - although important - are not the only area in which we want students to be their best.  We believe the development of character strengths is equally important if our students are to flourish both at school  and in their ongoing lives.  A considerable amount of worldwide research proves this to be the case.

8 Character Strengths

Our approach is backed up by the field of ‘Positive Psychology’.  Dr. Martin Seligman and the late Dr . Chris Peterson realised that for people to become successful and happy - to flourish -  they had to develop 24 character strengths.  This work was adapted by the KIPP schools in the USA and Dr Angela Duckworth to form a model that can be used in schools  This model focuses on the eight character strengths that most strongly underpin progression towards happy, engaged, meaningful and successful lives.   These are:  Curiosity, Zest, Gratitude, Grit, Growth Mindset, Self Control with Learning, Understanding Others and Self Control with Others.


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See the PDF below to see what Yr11 were told to work on to improve their learning characterisitcs for GCSE revision.

Learning Characterisitcs for GCSE revision
> Download (pdf)