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Positive Psychology and Character Education is a big area of research with lots of resources available to help support parents and teachers.  Have a look at some of these!


Dr Carol Dweck.png

Dr Carol Dweck on Growth Mindset

Dr Angela Duckworth.png

Dr Angela Duckworth on Grit

Andrew Sokatch.png

Andrew Sokatch on teaching character


How Children Succeed.png

How Children Succeed Paul Tough


BounceMatthew Syed


FlourishDr Martin Seligman


Character Lab – general information about the learning characteristics

VIA Institute on Character – take the free VIA survey and found out more about your own character strengths

School Documents

A summary of our work on character strengths so far by our leader of character education, Andrew Wood

Becoming a Character Education led school.docx
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An example of our progress reports including character strength information