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Creative & Performing Arts

Creative & Performing Arts

The team includes Art, Drama, Music and Photography. Whilst Dance is situated in the PE Faculty, we aim to link with this area whenever appropriate and possible.

Steyning Grammar School has an unrivalled commitment to the promotion of the Creative and Performing Arts and we have an excellent reputation within the school, the local community and across the county.  Our experience means that the quality of our regular exhibitions and performances is outstanding. 

We want to offer all students at Steyning Grammar School opportunities to develop interests and skills which will continue to enrich their lives long after they leave school.


In Art, we aim to develop students’ abilities to investigate and explore images and artefacts through observations of their real world, becoming increasingly confident in the way they use and manipulate visual language - line, tone and colour - in order to communicate effectively.  We develop students’ critical skills and visual awareness through the study of artists and designers across a range of cultures.  Students explore ideas and experiment with materials and processes in order to sustain lines of enquiry, provide imaginative solutions and develop rich, artistic responses.  We encourage the production of well-crafted responses to problems and ideas that incorporate a broad range of skills and practices ranging from painting and drawing through to working with pastels, 3-dimensional construction and graphic design to the digital manipulation of images.  We value the work of all students and place great importance on providing a broad and varied experience which will, we believe, provide a good platform for the development of future skills and knowledge.

For further details on the content and skills for the Art course, see below:

Art KS4 Content and Skills Overview
> Download (pdf)


The Drama Team aims for all students to develop their interpersonal skills as well as their performing, design, review and written skills within the curriculum at Steyning Grammar School. This is supported by a wide range of enrichment activities.

Employers are known to place verbal communication skills as one of their top priorities in young people, and Steyning students are expected to articulate their responses to their own work, that of their peers, and the work of professional practitioners.

All students are encouraged to make, perform and respond at Key Stage 3, developing skills such as team-work, creativity, leadership and acting in a supportive yet challenging environment. All students do an hour of drama per week at KS3 and are encouraged to take part in extra-curricular drama clubs, Church Street performances, and an annual school production.

At Key Stages 4 and 5, students explore exam work to exceptionally high standards at GCSE and A level. A wide range of assessment covering Improvisation, Devising, Scripted work, Theatre-In-education, Physical Theatre and Design extends students’ skills to fulfil their potential to A* standards. The department is vibrant and thriving, with three GCSE groups in each of years 9, 10 and 11 and two A level classes. They are encouraged to rehearse their work in extra-curricular sessions and to extend their skill and knowledge through extra-curricular opportunities at the National Theatre, Chichester Festival Theatre, Ariel Theatre Company and dramatic societies in Brighton and East and West Sussex. This is supported by visits to see a wide range of live performances in venues such as the National Theatre, West End Theatres, Brighton and Chichester. Students attend conferences and have opportunities to see live productions from local theatre companies, and A level students may work with students in other schools to extend their understanding still further.

Many students go on to study Drama at University, in vocational courses, or to work in a related industry such as lighting design, going on to pursue a wide range of successful careers.

For more information on the content and skills for KS4 Drama, please see below:

Drama KS4 Content and Skills Overview
> Download (pdf)


At Steyning Grammar School, we hope to stimulate and maintain student curiosity, interest and enjoyment in music.  We want to enable students to be sensitive to, familiar with, and confident in a body of musical knowledge, skills and vocabulary.  Students work independently and as part of a team in varied activities.  We employ teaching methods and resources that allow all students to have equal access to music and to experience success and enjoyment in their music work.

Instrumental lessons take place during the school day, on a rota system, with fourteen visiting instrumental teachers providing opportunities to study a musical instrument in a variety of styles.  Piano, singing, guitar, drums, violin, cello, woodwind, brass and keyboard lessons are very popular throughout the school.

Extra curricular activities are a major part of life for our musicians.  There are two Choirs School, Jazz Band, Folk Band and two Rock Factory groups for students at both sites. Students perform regularly in concerts and church services.

The school is also proud to lead training for teachers through Musical Futures, and the ethos of personalising music learning is embedded throughout all the work we do with students.

For more information on Music GCSE and Music Practitioner, please see below:

Music KS4 Content and Skills Overview
> Download (pdf)
Music Practitioner KS4 Content and Skills Overview
> Download (pdf)