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Upper School: 01903 814555

Church Street: 01903 814786

Rock Road: 01903 744884

Boarding: 01903 817601

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Students are rewarded through 2 main systems:

  1. ACE points
  2. Graduation

ACE points are given for achievement, community help and effort. Through the year students can collect certificates based on the number of ACE points they receive.

ACE points contribute to our graduation process

Graduation points are given for attendance, progress in core subjects, ACE points and exceptional performance in learning skills. The tariff for graduation points is shown below:

Criteria for Graduation points Graduation points
One third of a level of average progress in English, Maths and Science from Key Stage 2 2
25 ACE points 1
Annual attendance at 94.5% - 95.9% 1
Annual attendance at 96% - 97.9% 2
Annual attendance at or above  98% 3
Exceptional performance in learning skills 1
Graduation Level Points required
Graduation 0-11
Graduation with Honours - Bronze 12-19
Graduation with Honours - Silver 20-27
Graduation with Honours - Gold 28


All students ‘graduate’ from Church Street, but some will graduate with honors. This is marked at the Year 8 Graduation Ceremony at the end of the academic year.

Graduation records are passed on to the Year 9 Form Tutor and Key Stage 4 Team.