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Health & Social Education

Personal Health and Social Education Programme

The Personal, Health and Social Education Programme (PHSE) is designed to provide students with a range of skills in order to help them make positive choices both now and for their future within the school and in their lives generally.

The programme is taught from Years 7-11.   At Key Stage 3 the PHSE and statutory citizenship subjects are delivered via the project based learning curriculum and with events and outside speakers.  At Key Stage 4 there is a one hour lesson once a fortnight focusing on the statutory topics such as, Democracy and the political system in the UK; UK Law and the justice system, including international law and human rights;  the role of parliament and a free press in holding those in power to account;  financial education including budgeting and how public money is raised and spent;  taking responsible and informed action to contribute positively to communities; drug and substances education; Sex and relationship education including safeguarding pupils; the importance of physical activity and diet for a healthy lifestyle and community cohesion.  

The programme for each year group is as follows:


  • Sex and relationships
  • Bullying – including cyber safety
  • Building self-esteem
  • Careers
  • Making responsible choices
  • Human rights and democracy


  • Drug education – including tobacco, alcohol and legal highs
  • Young people and the Law
  • Sex and relationships – including assertiveness skills
  • Careers


  • Careers and post-16 planning
  • Sixth Form, apprenticeship and college talks
  • University and Higher education information
  • Study skills
  • Good emotional health and resilience
  • HIV/AIDS awareness
  • Sex and the law, including social media, cyber safety and consent
  • Alcohol workshops – developed with local youth workers
  • Safe driving and road sense
  • Basic first aid
  • Young parenting
  • Substances and prison
  • Budgeting and financial awareness

PHSE is taught to students within their tutor groups but by a specialist member of staff on a modular basis with each module lasting approximately 4 sessions.  All PHSE is delivered by a mix of outside speakers and teachers ensuring that all our years see our Police Liaison Officer at least twice a year with different topics.   The year 11programme has many specialist outside speakers. 

For further course information see our ‘KS4 Choices Booklet’

2020 KS4 Option Booklet
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We offer a variety of courses at Key Stage 5 (subject to entry requirements being met). Please follow the link to information on our Sixth Form College.