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The Geography department wants to instil a sense of awe and understanding in students about the world around them and beyond. Big ideas in Geography are to consider 'how the world works and why.'  This includes looking at several aspects such as place (how and why places are used, seen and managed for the benefit of people, locally, regionally and globally); the economy, environment and sustainability (how we can ensure that resources are managed effectively for future generations and how to future proof, mitigate and adapt to an ever changing world); and global issues (e.g. investigating trade, coast and river management, climate change and global poverty).  Fieldwork at the moment is our trip to Cuckmere Haven in Year 7. 


Studying KS3 History at Steyning Grammar School inspires students to deepen their understanding of the people, periods and events studied and enable  them to think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments, make informed decisions and develop perspective and judgement. This, in turn, will prepare  them for a role as informed, thoughtful and active citizens. The discipline of history and a knowledge and understanding of the past will also help them to  understand their own identity and significant aspects of the world in which they live, and provide them with the basis for further wider learning and study.

Religious Education

To learn about religion: To understand the variety of ways of thinking about and responding to different religious issues, beliefs and practice. 

To learn from religion: To engage with religious beliefs and practices and relate to pupils’ own lives.

Religious education also provides opportunities to promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. 

For further curriculum details please refer to the documents below.

Geography KS3 Content and Skills Overview
> Download (pdf)
History KS3 Content and Skills Overview
> Download (pdf)
RE KS3 Content and Skills Review
> Download (pdf)