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Year 13 Trip to Berlin

Year 13 Computer Science in Germany

In February our A level students visited Berlin to learn how Germany has developed into one of the strongest Engineering and Technology nations in the world. At a visit to the Deutsches Technik Museum, we discovered the Zuse 1, the world's oldest commercial computer made in 1938. Although a very long time ago many of today’s technologies, including all our mobile phones, can be traced back to this groundbreaking invention. On the other side of town they enjoyed learning about the complete history of, perhaps, the world’s most popular use of computers, gaming. From Pong to Call of Duty and everything between. 

However, the highlight was, undoubtedly,  a full day visit to the VW factory at Dresden where they saw the impact of technology as we toured the production line at the future technologies centre making many of VW’s electric cars, including the brand new id3. With time also to explore the turbulent and challenging history of the city we all left with a new perspective on our fellow Europeans.